The AAP recommends notifying your pediatrician if:The vomiting

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canada goose uk outlet “Adiba Qasam witnessed the ISIS threat up first hand. Qasam is deeply troubled by ISIS youth training videos but she’s watched them closely to try and understand what she’s up against. “Those kids are victims. The AAP recommends notifying your pediatrician if:The vomiting continues beyond 24 hours, or if it is Canada Goose Outlet high in volume and frequency (meaning she’s persistently throwing up everything she’s consumed)There is blood or bile in the vomitYour baby cannot keep any amount of food or liquid downYour baby appears lethargic or dehydrated, marked by decreased urination, dry mouth, absent tears, and sunken eyes or fontanelle (the “soft spot” on an infant’s skull)A high fever accompanies vomiting. High fevers include:100.4F or higher in 3 month old or younger101F in 3 to 6 month olds103F or higher in babies 6 months and upIf your baby has diarrhea, make sure to keep him hydrated with breast milk, formula or a rehydrating drink. Offer smaller portions of bland foods canada goose uk outlet.