There are exciting times ahead

Offensive Counterair (OCA) is defined as “offensive operations to destroy, disrupt, or neutralize enemy aircraft, missiles, launch platforms, and their supporting structures and systems both before and after launch, but as close to their source as possible” (JP 1 02). OCA is the preferred method of countering air and missile threats since it attempts to defeat the enemy closer to its source and typically enjoys the initiative. OCA comprises attack operations, sweep, escort, and suppression/destruction of enemy air defense.[15].

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Cheap Swimsuits How am I being biased, Jeong has just been released, we don know what ultimates will be available and she hasn proven herself yet. Necro has been around and has proven herself, given 2 3 months Jeong will probably be sss tier but as of now I don think she is. If your going to bring up the argument that you can use different units to attack then there are plenty of cp and skills that increase attack as well Cheap Swimsuits.