The Bruins scored two weird, behind the net goals (one against

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uk canada goose All game, the sparks comments were “thank god it is his last” and “leafs are hoping he doesn play again canada goose outlet website legit this season.” This was one of his more solid games with some AWFUL luck, but he looked serviceable the whole time. The Bruins scored two weird, behind the net goals (one against Columbus and one against Tampa last week) and the media said: “wow that a BIG fluke, but sometimes those go in”. Sparks gives up one and then two and the notion is that he awful and every fan should want him gone. uk canada goose

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canada goose store Let’s start over, and be friends. I know how it feels to get constantly shit on as a team with tech (although I realize it’s not the case on /r/collegebasketball) with the announcers constantly counting us out, and saying the teams we beat just played bad, rather than tech winning because they played well. Seriously dude, congrats on the win, and the fact that we didn’t win likely saved Lubbock from becoming a smoldering crater overnight.. canada goose store

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