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I always think of my mom when I draw dragonflies she loved them. She had dragonfly scarves, dragonfly jewelry, dragonfly garden art. During the last week of her life, when she could no longer leave her bed, the biggest dragonfly I ever seen landed on her windowsill and stayed for hours.

So, when I was looking for replica hermes himalayan bag price an insect subject to demonstrate drawing on earth stained paper, I naturally thought of dragonflies. This fellow is drawn with just two colored pencils, a black and a white, but the warmth and complexity of the stained paper makes him so much more. He part of a demo video for my Botanical Sketchbook Painting class, which gets under way on Tuesday. I can wait!

Speaking as someone who once spilled an entire mocha latte down the front of my shirt 15 minutes before I was due to speak before a workshop group, I can vouch for the staining power of coffee. But it that very characteristic that makes coffee a terrific alternative painting medium it stains white paper with a gorgeous (and delightfully aromatic) brown tone similar to a watercolor wash. This page in my 2008 sketchbook is painted and lettered with three varieties of my favorite beverage:

I love drawing and painting on stained paper, with its raw warmth and sometimes bark sometimes leather texture. We used earth based acrylic pigment to stain sheets of watercolor paper in my recent North Carolina workshop. Dogwoods were blooming in the mountain coves, so we drew them in layered colored pencil and charcoal:

This week, I staining lots of paper replica hermes himalayan bag in front of a video camera in preparation for the upcoming Botanical Sketchbook Painting course. The best part is the fact that you never get the same result twice each sheet is uniquely smudged and pocked, each with its own rustic beauty. The second best part is the fact that well someone has to drink all that leftover coffee.

One of my favorite parts of drawing garden subjects is the unexpected discovery of some startling bit of botanical history a story that pops up like an unexpected seedling and demands to be shared. It happened recently during preparation for my online course, The Heirloom Garden in Colored Pencil. A strange story about rhododendrons wrapped its roots around my imagination and wouldn let go.

Fake Hermes Bags Rhododendrons (and their popular relative, azaleas) produce pollen that contains a small amount of potent neurotoxin. Called grayanotoxin, it not harmful under ordinary circumstances but occasionally, when concentrated by honeybees as they make rhododendron honey, it can cause a nasty illness marked Visit Your URL by hallucinations and digestive distress. Although rare today the most recent US cases on record happened in Seattle in 2011 honey disease has a special place in history. Fake Hermes Bags

A clever first century general defeated an entire invading army by putting grayanotoxin to work. During a battle in the Black Sea region in 67 BC, Pompey ordered his troops to leave honeycomb laced with honey along the path of approaching Roman soldiers. The hungry invaders took the bait. Sickened and disoriented, the Romans were no match for the waiting enemy.

The rhododendron, then, is much more than just a pretty face. Grow them, celebrate their history but don put your beehives too close by.

Hermes Replica Belt The autumn breeze that stirs stalk and leaf in this 18th Century garden carries a drowsy hint of lavender. Four sprawling raised beds are arranged in the good German tradition: a square hemmed with pickets, divided by a stone pathway in the shape of a cross. Hermes Replica Belt

It early October in the kitchen garden at Schifferstadt, an imposing Maryland farmhouse built in hbags handbags reviews 1758. Most of the season harvest has come and gone, leaving brown skeletons to rattle their orange birkin replica dried out seed heads in the chilly sunlight. But the hardiest botanicals are still green and several remain stubbornly in bloom: French lavender, flowering tobacco, calendula, yarrow.

Nearly three weeks into my road trip, I now in the valley just beyond the easternmost ridge of the Blue Ridge Mountains, not far from the presidential retreat at Camp David. I gathering material on heirloom plants for my upcoming online hermes belt replica course, The Heirloom Garden in Colored Pencil. And so I spent an afternoon sharing the Schifferstadt plots with the bees and mantises, marveling over colonial plants I rarely see in my own subtropical climate zone.

The biggest plantings were those varieties offering the widest range of practical uses in the farmer household. One particularly choice slice of garden real estate was occupied by Lady Bedstraw (Galium verum), a feathery groundcover with an astonishing job description: it is a vegetable rennet for making cheese, a delightfully honey scented mattress stuffing material, the roots produce red dye and the flowers yield a yellow hair rinse reputed to be popular with young milkmaids.

Hermes Kelly Replica I traveling replica hermes bags vista in my camper studio, with two canine co pilots, Atticus and Jo. Tomorrow, we turn the steering wheel southward and roll down through Tennessee and Mississippi, back home to coastal Alabama and the little farmhouse at the end of the road. I have lots of fresh material for the Heirloom Garden course, courtesy of Maryland abundant flora. It has been a good journey. Hermes Kelly Replica

Old fashioned flowers and their pollinators, including bees and butterflies, are the focus of a 10 lesson online course available on demand. Heirloom Garden in Colored Pencil will provide detailed, step by step instruction in seeing and accurately drawing a wide range of flowering plants in graphite and colored pencil. No previous art experience needed.

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Meet Sarracenia leucophylla, the white pitcher plant. I drew this specimen following a day at Splinter Hill Bog, 628 acres of whispering longleaf pine forest and bog at the headwaters of the Perdido River in south Alabama. I felt fortunate to have a real, live pitcher plant to work from when the first botanical illustration of a Sarracenia was made in 1576 by the court botanist to James I of England, all he had for reference was a replica hermes purse dried up remnant of a pitcher plant collected by Spanish explorers in Florida.

In those days, scientists could only guess about the plant strange cupped structure and after a great deal of study, they concluded that pitcher plants were benevolently designed by God to provide safe refuge for small creatures. (Alas, that exactly what the plant unsuspecting victims probably think, as well.) Three hundred years later, Charles Darwin was the first to guess at the true purpose of the plant unique architecture: not a shelter, but a deadly trap. When experiments showed that pitcher plants digested and absorbed bits of venison dropped into its throat, the mystery was officially solved.

Hermes Handbags Replica Among all the hundreds of families of This Site flowering plants on the planet, only ten include species capable of trapping animals. There remains much we don know about these carnivorous beauties: their lifespan is uncertain, for example, because they sprout from a thick, fleshy rhizome that can spread out underground to give the appearance of multiple plants. In the wild, a large stand of plants may be just a few old but widespread individuals. And the intricate patterns on some Sarracenia may extend beyond the visible light spectrum; there is evidence hbags replica hermes to suggest that they actually have other patterns that can only be detected with ultraviolet vision. Hermes Handbags Replica

So much to learn, but we may not have that chance pitcher plant aaa replica birkin bag habitat is disappearing at an incredible rate. Wetlands throughout the world are being drained for development. Even preserved wetlands often become contaminated with agricultural and residential runoff. Most of the large Sarracenia stands of the past are already gone.

Fortunately for pitcher plants in my region (and for those of us who like to draw them) a number of bogs are being carefully protected. The largest is Bolide replica hermes mini birkin bag replica Splinter Hill Bog, where this beautiful specimen was growing. There also a bog at Weeks Bay Estuarine Reservenear Fairhope, and at the Mississippi Sandhill Crane National Wildlife Refuge just north of Gautier, MS.