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replica designer backpacks Original NEB replica bags manila review of Trans Mountain was done mainly in 2015, before the Liberals were elected. Keith Stewart, an energy strategist with Greenpeace, said the Conservative government was eager to avoid looking at tanker traffic increases because any review of it would surely find they pose a risk to the orcas, and therefore the NEB couldn say the pipeline won have any significant impacts on the environment and aquatic life.A protester holds a photo of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and a representation of the globe covered in oil during a protest against the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion in Vancouver, on Tuesday May 29, 2018.Southern resident killer whales are in extreme peril, with only 75 of the mammals known to be left, and no surviving calves since 2016.Fisheries Minister Jonathan Wilkinson said Friday the government knew when it took office that more needed to be done to help keep the whales from going extinct and further protections the Liberals have put in place will be taken into account in the NEB review.plight of the killer whale doesn relate directly to this project alone, he said. Ferries, tens of thousands of recreational boats six more oil tankers a week is something that is important to mitigate, but this is a far bigger issue replica designer backpacks.