sorry, I shouldn have said that he meant none of that at all

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HomeA/N: as promised dear nony. canada goose outlet authentic Here canada goose black friday vancouver a little drabble with Seb Stan. I do hope this fulfills your wishes 🙂

and pairing: Sebastian canada goose jacket outlet montreal Stan x readerThere was no response. Only silence. And her eyes.

Two moons caged, twinkling and expressing, under the coming night and the beauty of the stars. The little squeaks and creaks of the hiding crickets dying down and concentrating on the anxious Romanian whose cheeks were now sweet cherries.

It was a mess. A grave mistake.

But the words were already said, confessed, and impossible to take away.

No. They hung and waltzed in the cool void. Traveled through the currents and spread. The world was silent, the universe The stars cheering him on.

I her face was a poem, a riddle. The kind which canada goose outlet parka encompassed so many emotions one wasn even sure which was which; what was what; who was who and so forth.

Panic fell short to encase what was coursing through his veins. He ruined the moment. Should kept quiet and swallowed it. That what canada goose outlet he kept telling himself, over and over again.

sorry I Sebastian stuttered between nervous chuckles and sweaty palms hidden under the warm blanket they brought. sorry, I shouldn have said that he meant none of that at all. It was all unintentional, yes, the couple toned drinks in between laughter drew and poised those words from an unknown afar. Either way, she was gonna laugh, he was sure of that.

Laugh like it happened far too many times in the past with others whom he once thought things would last.

Or maybe he was just thinking too much of it all.

Her laughter strayed through the night breeze. So vibrant and harmonious it sent chills through his being before contrasting with the warm feel of the crackling fling of the fire.

Sebastian rested his head on her lap, snuggling closer against the warm cover while gazing to the dying stars. But he soon realized they had drifted to her eyes, twinkling and dancing with such fervor was enthralled. Dazzled to seen them, dazzled to see her.

She was moon and his stars. Managed to see beneath it all, his layers, his acts, his bravado of superman. Knew when he was himself or when he felt he was nobody at all. Always there to piece him back canada goose outlet store new york whenever canada goose outlet california the latter was.

The light to his dark. The calm to his storm. The one who kept him grounded, in one piece, safe from soaring too high and burning himself against the rays of the morning star.

I with you I feel canada goose hybridge lite uk whole again he said with eyes closed canada goose outlet uk and a child smile on his face. He was in a daze from her fingers running through his hair. never felt like canada goose coats uk this with anyone else. I was always the outsider, was never myself. Never felt home I met you. away he realized what he confessed. Her actions froze and he could sworn he felt her tense.

She called his name. canada goose outlet online store Worry and ache were written canada goose factory sale all over her face. At least that what he glimpsed through his canada goose outlet nervous blindness. blinked once, twice, thrice till the haze went away. Till the crackle of the flames and cool breeze of the night grounded him again. Till he realized he canada goose outlet store montreal was in the countryside with her. Stargazing, yes. asked if cheap canada goose coats uk you meant it, she remarked. The dark of the night and shadows from the fire hid her kind eyes and warm smile. Yet her palm cradling his cheek brought to light her divinity. Revealed to him what his mind was refusing but his heart was blindly seeking and acknowledging.

His heart hammered against her gentleness and felt the weight of a million stares upon both.

The world was expectant, silent, awaiting an answer even the moon had knowledge of.

do. It silly, I know, but Sebastian smiled warily, his voice pitching and trembling. has ever made me feel like this. was a sentimental man with the heart of a canada goose parka outlet uk child.

Yet there canada goose uk kensington parka was a question looming. An interrogative that just resurfaced. His heart was content with her silence and tenderness, but his mind sought a vocal assurance. Something to grasp onto, no false hopes to grip onto.