Hours before the news, however, I downloaded the app to see

In defense of Jeremy Renner

It’s easy to bash on Jeremy Renner’s fan app, but is that really making the internet a better place?

To say Renner has had a tough cheap canada goose jacket mens summer might be the understatement of the season. The actor best known in 2019 for his role as Hawkeye in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films has received heaps of criticism over the past few months on nearly every aspect of his professional life. From his fledgling music career and partnership with Jeep to his Man of the Woods esque Amazon store and the fake camping photoshoot to promote his products. It links to his Spotify music, fan website, Instagram, https://www.fanclub-fulton-smith.de Twitter, and YouTube accounts like a social media catch all, but it buy canada goose jacket also provides a special feed for Renner to share exclusive content and chat with users.

The app is far from new, but as Renner hate stirred online people began criticizing it again, and waves of trolls took advantage of the app’s lack of verification by impersonating users including Renner himself and posting offensive comments. Hours before the news, however, I downloaded the app to see what all the fuss was about and ended up speaking with five loyal users about why the app means so goose outlet canada much to them and how it felt to learn it might be shut down forever.

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For those who have yet to explore the app (and may now never have the chance,) upon downloading it you’re greeted with a full screen video of Renner in the woods explaining what’s what.

“Hey it’s Jeremy. Thanks for joining. Good to see you canada goose outlet here. So here’s what this thing’s about,” the actor says to fans gazing at him through their screens. “This is a way for me to connect with real fans superfans. It’s impossible for me to really get back canada goose store to anybody on social media, there’s just too many people, so this is a really great way for me to spend time in a more intimate way and share with you guys.”Renner explains that the app will feature contest giveaways, behind the scenes info on movies and music, and real life updates. “Not in the shower or anything crazy like that,” he clarifies, but the app will act as a space for him to canada goose outlet uk fake share more than he would on social media, without the company of every other celebrity account in the world.

After I made my account I canada goose youth uk noticed the app’s feed looked. canada goose langford uk exactly like Instagram, only more confusing. If Renner was overwhelmed by social media, why he would make yet another space to have to update and engage with fans? Not sure! But he did, haters be damned.

The download incentive

While the app might sound silly to people who think Renner is a fairly mediocre Hollywood dude who’s simply too unremarkable canada goose jacket uk womens to have his own online space, his real fans love canada goose outlet winnipeg it.

Dorothy, a 39 year old who began admiring Renner in 2012 after watching The Avengers, downloaded the app in 2017, right after it was announced. (Dorothy, along with all other individuals interviewed, did not feel comfortable sharing their last names because of the recent attacks on the app.)

“I researched his other films and just fell for him and his work,” she said in a Facebook message. “I downloaded the app the second he mentioned in on Instagram because I wanted to simply follow my favorite artist,” Dorothy said. “One thing that I love is that unlike Facebook and Twitter where you cheap canada goose have to share space with politics and news you get to just have a peaceful space of just Renner and Renner fans. It is a RENNERTOPIA!”


Melissa, 45, has been a fan of Renner’s since seeing him act in the 2002 film Dahmer, where he portrayed the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, but has only been using the app for about six months. She thinks it’s a great place to interact with Jeremy, but also loves the opportunity to meet fellow Renner fans. “I have made some really great canada goose coats on sale friends from this app that I would have never found without [it,] and that is the most amazing part,” she said.

Karen, 40, who’s also been using the app for a few months, agrees. “It has connected me to a great bunch of people that I talk to regularly and would not have otherwise met,” she explained.

And some users, like Kim (who, at the time of writing this article was listed as the No. 1 fan on the app’s Fanboard) canada goose jacket outlet store began using the app to learn more about the actor. “I use it to get an insight into who the guy behind the roles is, what is important to him and what he chooses to share with us,” she said. “Reading his replies gives me a better idea of who he is as a person, and sometimes it is nice to be able to get an answer to questions or ideas.”

Getting on Renner’s radar

Though the app was once solely full of Renner fans, not all of them get the chance to interact with the star daily, because, well, he has songs to sing and Jeep commercials to make. But the way engagement works in Jeremy Renner Official is what makes the app so different from other social media platforms.

When Renner posts on the app users are able to comment, just like Instagram, but each of those comments can be then be “boosted” with stars. Stars are earned by posting in the FanFeed and being active on the app (writing comments, watching videos, or interacting with others,) and they can also be canada goose outlet buffalo purchased by really hardcore fans willing to drop some dollars.

Image: mashable composite: canada goose langford black friday screengrabs / jeremy renner official

The app canada goose uk reviews is free to download, but in app star purchases range Canada Goose Parka from $1.99 to $99.99. The users I spoke with, however, stressed that while many people think the app is a “cash grab” on Renner’s part, most users they know earn stars rather than purchase them so the app remains completely free.