That means women made an average of $691 a week in 2012 (less

London. I saddened that what we trying to do isn understood. She said the idea is being embraced by American Muslim Voice, a group that promotes interfaith tolerance, led by Samina Faheem Sundas of Palo Alto, and other Muslim groups.. According to a recent study from the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, women working full time in 2012 made 80.9 percent of what men took home in weekly pay a drop from 82.2 percent in 2011. In terms of annual salary, women lagged even further, earning just 77 percent of what men raked in, a half a percentage point down from 2011. That means women made an average of $691 a week in 2012 (less than in 2011), while men earned about $854, a small gain over their 2011 pay..

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