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Perfect LED CLAMP Light for Reading Easily read every word (even the small print) with the Bright Reader LED Office Clamp Lamp. 65. High powered Light Emitting Diodes lights deliver 1,122 lumens of Full Spectrum white light, the perfect light for reading or hobbies because it improves contrast without glare, allowing your eyes to see better.

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I am deeply disturbed by the reaction of our legislators and activists who want to use the Sandy Hook episode to justify requiring elementary school teachers to carry concealed weapons, and have attributed the preventable causes of this episode to the mental illness of a lone individual. To me, this signifies the deepest state of denial, a refusal to see that too easy access to guns contributed not only to the Sandy Hook school massacre but to the deaths of countless children and adults killed every day in our country. Can we value the lives of our inner city children as much as we value the lives of the children at Sandy Hook? This requires that we not chalk up the massacre at Sandy Hook to just one kid’s mental illness, but acknowledge that access to weapons contributed as well..

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The second discovery of organics involved more complex compounds in surface materials. Also since arriving at Mars, Curiosity has utilized a drilling tool to probe the interiors of rocks. Grotzinger emphasized how material immediately at the surface of Mars has experienced the effects of radiation and the ubiquitous soil compound perchlorate reducing and destroying organics both now and over millions of years.