Members of the Silent Generation (1928 1945)

her explanation IFALPA industrial branch is deeply concerned regarding the trend of anti labour action being waged against pilot groups worldwide. Instances of escalating attacks and retaliation against union representatives for exercising their fundamental right to organize and strike have taken the form of investigation, disciplinary procedure, contract termination, and legal threats and actions.An ongoing example is that of the Colombian Pilots Union (Acdac) and Avianca Airlines Management. For the past two years, Acdac pilot representatives have faced an onslaught of discrimination, beginning with mass terminations and culminating in multiple personal criminal charges, all based upon exercising their legal right to strike.In today news, Ryanair pilot representatives are being singled out for threatening and intimidating behaviour by airline management all over Europe.

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Wallace Frank Johnson, 82, son of Frank Augusta and Marie TC Johnson, died Tuesday, July 12, 2011, at St. Luke’s Hospital, Cedar Rapids, as a result of injuries suffered from an automobile accident. Saturday, July 16, at the United Methodist Church in Mount Vernon.

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It is a place where young parents and their children come to live and grow and find happiness. Members of the Silent Generation (1928 1945), who are today’s “retirees,” seem to think that the world revolves around them and that they have the only opinions that count. They think that if they are loud enough, and coarse enough, and threatening enough, they will get their way.

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