But surely that’s upside down

2 days to visit Vancouver/Victoria. Return through Jasper and another day there. Maybe 1 day to visit Regina. If what Brener wants is for the club to run in a financially responsible way, that means smart investments. So far the only two who could be good sales for the club are Manotas and Elis, and there a decent chance he already missed his best chance to get the best value for Elis. And let be real, is anyone confident that we be able to replace these guys? We still struggling to replace Alex and Rico Clark in the midfield 2 years later.

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Look At This Yankees: Ace right hander Luis Severino has a Grade 2 lat strain and will stop throwing for six weeks. Severino has been out since he was scratched from what would have been his first spring training appearance in early March with right shoulder inflammation. He returned to New York for tests when he wasn’t feeling great, and the new injury was diagnosed on Tuesday.

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