I think it would be in the Bears best interest to do their best

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The Blue Raiders football team behind Sam Bonner continue to make history. Their first district playoff win in school history came three weeks ago, then their first District 11 championship ever. And Tamaqua won a state playoff game for the first time.

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cheap jerseys All of those games were close. Not only have most of their games been close, but they haven’t had a single win by more than a touchdown over an opponent with a.500 or better record.The Bears got a first round bye thanks to the Eagles loss last night, but I think they might be in trouble when they host a game in the second round.As a Green Bay Packers fan, I have been very frustrated with the Chicago Bears season.They should have lost the first game of the year but that Calvin Johnson TD reception was ruled incomplete, which everyone knows it wasn’t.They only beat the Packers by 3 points despite the Packers having 20 penalties and dropping 3 Jay Cutler interceptions.The Bears have a good defense and great special teams, but were the Packers completely healthy they would be the best team in the NFC this season or right there with the Falcons.I think it would be in the Bears best interest to do their best against GB this weekend because I don’t think the Packers are a team anyone is going to want to face in the playoffs. They have looked excellent for about 8 weeks now other than a loss to the Lions where Rodgers didn’t play the second half. cheap jerseys

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START: Andrew Luck, QB, Colts: It’s easy to forget that Luck ranked among the four best quarterbacks in fantasy football three times in the previous four years prior to last season. Hilton along with benefiting from an improved running game and offensive line. He’s worth the start and will remind fantasy owners why he threw 86 touchdowns in his previous three seasons..

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