Just another meh play for a yard or two

riders add two to roster

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https://www.nfljerseyforcheap.com Waller fumble killed us but it was yet another lateral pass to the line of scrimmage, very predictable. Three defenders were ready to pound Waller, and the pocket wasn collapsing or anything. Just another meh play for a yard or two. I disagree with you for all the years you listed honestly, and I don’t think any of the years were even close for Drew Brees. In 2009 Peyton won all the games he started and finished, and even though he sat most of the last two weeks he still threw for more yards than Brees. Plus, that was the year Chris Johnson broke the yards from scrimmage record, and I’m pretty certain he would have gotten it over Brees anyways since he got the OPOY award.

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