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Millions of people, including me, lost their money due to online fraud – all in the name of doing online business. Declan Nathaniel Bannerman was also a cattleman, but he has gained the accounts of young people with whom he was associated in social networks such as Snapchat. Scammers are always resourceful and developing, but just as the technology needed to protect against attacks, fortunately. Even if the money mules do not know what is translatable is the money they are fraudulent, they still commit fraud and money laundering and could be sentenced to prison or fined. The website may look exactly like the real website; the complication for the user to detect something is wrong. From there the scammer is easy to get data for login this user or send it to a malicious website that will download malware to your computer.

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reports of fraud helps to track and stop fraud. Fraud is currently at a record level: more than five million scams cost the British a staggering 9 billion pounds per year. In recent months, police departments in British Columbia are warning about the Scam on the phone. The scammers often refer to their victims on legitimate Dating websites before trying to push the “relationship” from the safeguards that these sites put into action; communicating using other methods such as email, where they can more easily manipulate victims. Last week, the Pension authority, the financial conduct and Service money and pensions issued a joint statement calling on people not to make hasty decisions in respect of pensions, since criminals are trying to use fears of the public about the current market turmoil, to website trick victims out of their cash.

a Code of conduct for officers of law enforcement adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations, stressed that the law must be fully respected in relation to any law enforcement officer who commits a corrupt act, as governments cannot expect to enforce the law among their citizens if they cannot or will not use the law against their own agents and within their agencies “. 383 Despite the fact that over the last few years dozens of police officers were dismissed from the Nigeria police for extortion, bribery or embezzlement of police funds, only a few people were brought to justice.


The police make a small attempt to hide the money collection, exposing the almost complete lack of political will on the part of the Nigerian authorities to hold police officers accountable for their actions. Reduce political manipulation of the police by setting the term of office of the Inspector General of Police for one five-year term, and subject to confirmation of the appointment, as well as removal by a two-thirds majority in the Senate, as recommended by the President of 2008. Nigeria Police Reform Committee. 171 See John Ameh, mother of the murdered SSS-II student, demanding prosecution of a policeman ”,“ Punch ”(Lagos), November 12, 2007,? Theartic = Art20071112304828 (accessed June 10, 2010).


New technology allows fraudsters to produce caller IDs so that, for example, they make calls from police departments. 302 The budget for police officers increased from 16.2 billion pounds (168.8 million US dollars) in 1999 to 172.8 billion pounds (1.1 billion US dollars) in 2009, i.e. almost 10 times. Fraudsters easily intercept emails, so you should never put your card or personal data in an email, be it a company or a friend. The head of the money department said: break The outbreak of the coronavirus created the perfect storm for scammers when scammers use soulless tactics to exploit people’s fears and vulnerabilities for their own financial gain.